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Late Night in the Midlands
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Please do share details?   ;D
With lasha as Dr J's advisor what could possibly go wrong [attachment=1,msg1370267]  [attachment=2,msg1370267]  [attachment=3,msg1370267]  [attachment=4,msg1370267]

Late Night in the Midlands
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Dr. J Andy Ilias <>
Dec 29, 2015, 1:06 PM
to me

Yes, thank you for getting back to me. I heard from a few friends that some  unfavorable things were said about me on your last show & I would like to clear them up. I never stopped working for art and even to this day I speak to him on a regular basis so I want to make that clear to you, Bellgab and the audience.  Art and I have been working together all of 2015 and and some capacity or another and we have been friends long before he came on air during and after and nothing has changed.  If you heard art's show The night Heather was introduced, are explained what had happened: the only reason I went from producer to associate producer is because I had my own radio show to contend with so we figured out a role so I can continually help him with my extremely large axis to guests, top guests at that for my own show whom I have great relations with and everything was fine and I would like to hear what was said about me before I come on the show. Can you give me that information?  Where can I hear the last show that talked about me and in the future when mentioning me, can you make sure you The facts are correct and to speak to both Art and me before bringing our business out in the open with the wrong idea and wrong facts? I would greatly appreciate it and so will Art.

Dr. j. Ilias J.D.
Michael Vandeven <>
Dec 29, 2015, 4:10 PM
to DrJAndy

Visit and click on the GabCast link. I think it was in the most recent show.

Regarding having facts straight... you apparently haven't even heard what was said on the show yet, so I'd recommend you take a listen before reaching any conclusions.

You're welcome to call in Friday night if you'd like to do so.


You heard it here first, ladies and gents.  Don't any of you cretins go publicly mentioning this self important cunt without first consulting him.