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Random Topics / Re: One Hundred Years Ago
« Last post by Rix Gins on Today at 03:00:25 AM »
January 23, 1920.  Public Domain
oh, i may be wrong about this woman, she may be a legitimate scientist. i had no idea respected Hollywood celebs like Cory Feldman took part in experiments included in her film until Jorch just brought it up.


another bang up job of booking by Tommy, a woman who sounds like Roseanne Barr who has had the ability since a small child to talk to spirit beings which led her to her life's work as a crackpot. she'll let you know that it's all very scientific though, she's made a film of her work.

of course Jorch offers no challenges to anything that comes out of her mouth.

very impressive.

Medication, cognitive behavioural therapy, a healthy diet, exercise, and plenty rest.


I thought basketball and soccer were both very popular sports, even though they are womanly to play.  They need protecting?

Random Topics / Re: Boomers may not post in this thread!
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